Work By jjlcreations

A living fairytale.
Fairy of the earth
Model: Nora Shaner
Makeup & Hair: Jessica J. Ladrow
Makeup assist: Zoya emami
photographer: Jessica J. Ladrow
Sorry Babe 2
director: Julia Kern
Production: pocket shock
Description: behind the scenes for YouTube short horror
Whoville Resident
Description: foam latex appliance application
Prosthetic: Dyad pro
Lord of the rings inspired orc
Description: Full face & ears foam appliance made and applied by Jessica Ladrow.
Burn victim
Description: full face silicone appliance made and applied by Jessica Ladrow

Behind the makeup

Sculpting a prosthetic  

When creating a character you have to break down the sculpting procedure with the basic bone structure. Creating the foundation to your piece is the most important thing to make sure your outcome is what you desire.

Mold making

making sure that the mold you are creating is sturdy will help you immensely when you move on to your next step of creating your pieces.

Realistic hair

Punching hair individually into the appliance creates a very natural hair pattern. it is a tedious job that in the end can make or break a prosthetic piece the was created.
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phone: (503)608-0996